Planning Methodologies

Waterfall Planning

Waterfall planning the traditional approach to projects is still the preferred methodology for larger predictive projects where the activities follow the Finish to Start dependency, mostly.

However, it can be slow to adapt to change thus becoming a project constraint in itself.

Agile Planning

Agile planning or hybrid is the way forward with many project managers feeling comfortable deploying this approach. The customer has more control over the scope whilst accepting the deliverables incrementally, thus eliminating project bottle necks.

Projects continue to suffer during acceptance of the deliverables. Murrgre Consulting believe that focusing resources and strategies on this key component will lead to a successful outcome for all stakeholders and especially for the project sponsor.

Project Observations

Projects tend to be problematic towards the closeout phase due to poor planning and budgetary constraints. Murrgre Consulting’s objective is to tailor the process groups and knowledge areas to avoid this known project risk. When spending more time planning you can mitigate the risk of CPI and SPI overruns. Unfortunately, 64% of capital projects worldwide are delivered late, let us change that percentage.

Know how to apply agreed-upon KPI’s (such as EVM, % Work Complete, Milestones) and use accurate reporting metrics to status project health. This is fundamental to project management success and Murrgre Consulting will always seek the truthful path which runs parallel with the critical path!