The Project Management Specialist Company

Murrgre Consulting, The Project Management Specialist Company, advises customers on the execution of projects within life sciences focusing on hardware components and bridging resource gaps to guide small and large-scale projects toward successful completion. Promoting accountability through shared values and complete transparency throughout the project life cycle, Murrgre Consulting builds meaningful relationships with clients and vendors to foster cross-functional collaboration and facilitate the execution of project deliverables. Our mission on projects is to hand over the deliverables to strengthen the process and maintain accurate KPI’s outlined in the Project Charter.

We also offer a wide range of other services, including but not limited to: Using smart data to manage the triple constraints; Coordinating 2D drafting and 3D modeling; Change Control walkdowns and CCR execution; Monitoring & controlling project phases through the project life cycle; Providing Operational Technical Services; Assisting project delivery; Professional I & C augmentation placement; Scheduling using P6, MS Project and Oracle Primavera Cloud; Using virtual project management tools. Fully insured for both professional insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, Murrgre Consulting is compliant with FDA and Statutory requirements.


Let us solve your next puzzle!


Promote accountability through shared values and complete transparency.


Building meaningful relationships by demonstrating ability, professionalism and always focusing on project deliverables.


Always question the information given and validate it firstly before acceptance.


Celebrate project milestones and successes amongst project stakeholders.

Servicing the following industries: Life Sciences, Semiconductor & Data Centers.